Traditional Investments

We offer a wide range of equity strategies across regions and investment themes.

Focused on building high-conviction portfolios based on fundamental, bottom-up stock picking, our investment process emphasizes quality, growth and sustainable competitiveness to identify existing and emerging industry leaders at reasonable valuations.

  • Global Network

    Our network of investment professionals across developed and emerging markets manages equity strategies in a collaborative fashion. This leverages the breadth and depth of our global resources to uncover opportunities from Asia to around the globe.

  • Bottom up Fundamental Analysis

    Through bottom-up, fundamental analysis we identify companies with sustainable competitiveness, quality management and strong execution. We generate value by discovering such companies that exhibit stable cash flows and robust earnings growth at reasonable valuations.

  • Long-term Active Management

    We take a long-term view, evident in the effort and resources we commit to our extensive bottom-up research approach. This process involves intensive and ongoing scrutiny at both the company and industry levels while adding value with active portfolio management and low turnover.

  • Our Approach to Risk Management

    Our investment and risk management teams work in close alignment to preempt foreseeable risks at every stage of our investment process. Moreover, we manage risk through the identification of sustainable and competitive business models with quality management and strong execution.

Investment Principles

  • 1

    We identify the sustainable competitiveness of companies

  • 2

    We invest with a long-term perspective

  • 3

    We value a team-based approach to decision making

  • 4

    We assess investment risks with expected return

Mirae Asset firmly adheres to these core investment principles.

Investment Process

  • Quantitative Screening
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Model Portfolio Construction
  • Final Portfolio Construction

We manage fixed income strategies across a range of investment styles and segments.

Ranging from global unconstrained and emerging markets debt to regional and single country, our portfolio managers follow a dynamic investment process that combines both top-down and bottom-up analysis.

  • Global Network

    We have a global network of fixed income investment professionals covering all major developed and emerging markets. Our on-the-ground presence allows rigorous fundamental research and extensive coverage of global fixed income markets and sectors.

  • Dynamic Investing

    We believe that through macroeconomic research, optimized risk-adjusted returns can be achieved by modifying a portfolio’s exposure to different types of bonds. Capital preservation, an essential component of the team’s strategy, is pursued through diversification, market analysis and risk management.

  • Disciplined Process

    Our fixed income strategies are managed within a disciplined process and systematic framework. We focus on stable performance, low volatility, and diligent risk management in order to meet the investment objectives of our clients.

Investment Process

  • Macro Analysis
  • Sector Allocation
  • Security Selection
  • Portfolio Construction