Alternative Investments

Mirae Asset Global Investments is one of the most active real estate investors globally with investments in North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Our global teams of real estate professionals provide highly specialized skill sets delivering expertise across all functional aspects of an investment from sourcing to divestment.

Our Strategy

We strive to provide our clients with superior risk-adjusted returns and have maintained the same disciplined and consistent investment strategy since launching our first real estate fund in Korea in 2004. Today, the firm has made over 88 investments with a current portfolio of 53 investments valued at $14.8bn total asset value across office, industrial, multifamily and hospitality. (As of September 2022)

  • Stable Cash Flows

    Particular emphasis on seeking investments that generate steady income streams

  • Balanced Portfolio

    Providing income and capital growth across domestic and international assets

  • Prominent Core Properties

    Focusing on Class A trophy assets that define respective locations

Select Portfolio Assets

  • Atlanta State Farm HQ

    Atlanta, United States

    Park Center is a nearly 4-acre, Class A building that includes 585,000 square feet of State Farm office space. At full build-out, the development will include 2.2 million square feet of office space, almost 100,000 square feet of retail, restaurants and entertainment. The Dunwoody location, amenities and proximity to superior transportation are valuable resources for its tenants and employees.

  • Taunusanlage 8 (Disposition)

    Frankfurt, Germany

    At the heart of Frankfurt, T8 enjoys a prime position within the most attractive part of the banking district. The building itself is an exclusive high-rise with a contemporary, business-friendly look-and-feel. On 17 spacious floors, there is almost 30,000 sqm of flexible rental space available, which can be tailored to unique needs and requirements.

  • Shanghai Mirae Asset Tower

    Shanghai, China

    The Shanghai Mirae Asset Tower is a 36-story office building located in the financial district of Pudong, Shanghai. The Tower — a true iconic trophy building at the heart of Shanghai Central Business District and a standout in the Pudong skyline — holds significance as the first overseas real estate investment by a Korean investor.

  • Four Seasons Hotel Sydney

    Sydney, Australia

    This luxury landmark hotel located at the heart of Sydney near Circular Quay directly overlooks the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The hotel features 531 rooms, as well as state-of-the-art conference and dining facilities.

  • Hyatt Regency Waikiki

    Hawaii, United States

    Situated across the world-renowned Waikiki beachfront, Hyatt Regency Waikiki is a world-class resort overlooking the Waikiki Beach, city and the Ko’olau Mountain Range. The hotel features 1,230 rooms and is classified as one of the best hotels in the world’s top destination, with the oceanfront property being listed as one of the most popular hotels throughout the region.

  • Mirae Asset Center 1

    Seoul, Korea

    Mirae Asset Center 1 is a best-in-class landmark office complex consisting of two office towers and a high-end retail arcade. As one of the most recognized and well-respected buildings in Seoul, Center 1 houses the headquarters of Mirae Asset Daewoo, along with some of the most influential global firms such as McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group, Bloomberg, KKR, and a wealth of leading international law firms.

Since 2007, Mirae Asset’s Infrastructure professionals have been identifying attractive infrastructure projects globally to help investors construct well-diversified portfolios in a low yield environment, while providing them access to quality assets that offer stable and inflation-linked income with low correlation to capital markets. Opportunities come in many forms with our investments ranging from traditional infrastructure assets, including photovoltaic plants and sewage facilities, to eco-friendly assets such As Build-Transfer-Operate(BTO), Build-Transfer-Lease(BTL), Build-Operate-Transfer(BOT), Build-Own-Operate(BOO), etc.

Our Strategy

We are dedicated to providing diverse alternative investment opportunities for our investors by identifying attractive infrastructure projects with an absolute return. The primary focus of our investment selection lies in the capability of generating stable and inflation-linked income with a low correlation to capital markets.

  • Stable Cash Flows

    Investments with predictable cash flows

  • Low Market Risk

    Low correlation to capital markets

  • Reliable Partners

    Government-guaranteed business partners

  • Long-term Horizon

    Investment horizon between 15~30 years

Select Portfolio Investments

  • Highway Project
  • Water Desalination Plant
  • Solar Power Plant
  • Orbital Motorway

Mirae Asset Private Equity focuses on gaining exposure to quality private market opportunities globally, and are supported by rigorous due diligence and risk analysis processes. Over the past decade, Mirae Asset Private Equity has participated in various deals across Asia and the US, capitalizing on buyouts, growth capital, and special situation investment opportunities.

Our Strategy

We focus on acquiring and investing in companies both in Korea and abroad with an aim to foster value-creation through synergies with our strategic partners and their management, through the financial know-how and the global network of our team and the broader Mirae Asset Financial Group. We believe cultivating multi-lateral partnerships with companies and their management is fundamental in creating value when acquiring local players as well as leading global brands.

  • Foster Value Creation

    Investing both onshore and abroad with our distinguished expertise and experience

  • Privately Sourced Deals

    Negotiating favorable terms and valuation by sourcing private opportunities

  • Predictable Cash Flows

    Protecting investments by seeking companies with predictable cash flows

Select Portfolio Companies

Technological innovation and ensuing structural changes have propelled economic prosperity throughout history and under the current business environment characterized by constant technological innovation, industry boundaries are being torn down. This is where Mirae Asset focuses and seeks to invest in “Unicorns” or future “Unicorns”, while forging longer strategic relationships with invested companies.

Our Strategy

While focusing on increasing the prospect of timely investment in innovative venture firms, Mirae Asset‘s primary objective is embedded in maximizing returns to investors throughout the entire investment cycle with active collaboration and support from Mirae Asset Financial Group’s core affiliates. Our thought process with regards to venture capital investments is holistically guided by the three main pillars of below, amplifying its intrinsic nature of low correlation with other traditional asset classes.

  • Disruptive Innovation

    Is the company displacing an established technology and shaking up the industry or creating a completely new industry/business opportunity?

  • "Unicorn" Growth Prospect

    Is it an industry leader (or potential leader) with a competitive moat? Is it operating in an industry or creating an industry with growth potential?

  • Innovation Life Cycle

    Is the company at a stage where it is generating meaningful revenue (and/or profits) and ready to commercialize its innovation?

Select Portfolio Companies*

*Selected investments include those involving affiliated group companies.

Mirae Asset Global Investments provides a variety of alternative solutions beyond the core alternative asset classes. Ranging from private debt to multi-asset and hedge fund strategies, we leverage our extensive network of investment professionals across five continents to utilize proprietary quantitative capabilities.