Scholarship Programs

Scholarship Programs

Our scholarship programs fund tuition and living expenses so that students may take full advantage of their time studying at the best international universities.


The Global Exchange Scholarship helps students expand their academic

knowledge while fostering a global mindset.

Global Investor Scholarship Program

In March 2006, Mirae Asset Financial Group launched a Global Investor Scholarship Program for young and talented students to become global investment professionals. In addition to having the opportunity to study at leading universities, scholarship students are offered internships at various Mirae Asset businesses. For students there are no strings attached, and we hope that the program will attract more young people to the investment sector.


Exchange Student Scholarship Program

In September 2007, Mirae Asset launched the Exchange Student Scholarship Program to support young people who display the potential to become global leaders. To fulfill this vision Mirae Asset grants tuition, living and travel expenses to promising young college students, with priorities given to those in financial difficulties. Our aim is to help alleviate financial limitations for participants to have the opportunity to grow beyond their potential.

If we were to choose only one place to invest in, 

it would always be the youth.

Commitment for the Underprivileged

Mirae Asset has also held workshops for teachers of local children’s centers since 2008 to offer practical teaching assistance. Moreover, since 2007 we have hosted theme camps for children and teens with disabilities to help develop their ambitions for the future. We are also conducting the hope and recovery project which offers support for the physical and mental rehabilitation of people with disabilities.

“We provide small changes that brings big smiles on their faces”

The focus of the Mirae Asset Park Hyeon Joo Foundation is to do whatever possible to support the people and institutions in the communities where we live and work.

Supporting low-income Families and the Elderly

Mirae Asset undertakes various projects, such as the Family Wellness Month, for low income families and the elderly who live alone. We also provide these groups with annual allowances for expenses incurred on national holidays.

Book Donation

We believe that sharing books means sharing dreams. We are donating books to children whose financial circumstances mean they are unable to afford to buy books.

Global Cultural Exchange Program

Mirae Asset supports children studying abroad by providing them with funding that includes airfares and accommodation. The program includes visits to global corporations and cultural heritage sites to help them develop as leaders with a vision for the future.

Renovation of Study Rooms

There is still a lack of suitable facilities in which underprivileged children can study. Mirae Asset helps these children study in a better place.


The aim of Mirae Asset’s Volunteer Corps is to give something back to our communities and to offer a helping hand. Our Volunteer Corps share a strong sense of social responsibility and make it their mission to support the less fortunate in society.

Since its establishment, Mirae Asset Park Hyeon Joo Foundation has aimed at alleviating the problems of people in need – so that they may look to the future with hope. The foundation has established support and sponsorship programs for single adolescent parents, children being raised by their grandparents, and elderly who live alone. At Mirae Asset employees are encouraged to participate in voluntary work; helping others and enriching our own lives too.

We continue to strengthen our efforts to embed a culture of volunteering within our company by encouraging proactive social contributions. Our commitment to making a better society where everyone can enjoy life is unwavering, and it will only strengthen and expand.

“We open our hearts to people pushed to the outskirts of society,
giving them the chance for a new future”