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Update on US-China Trade Tensions
Although the recent re-escalation of US-China tension is likely to be temporary, markets might pull back somewhat and see higher levles of volatility
Financial Inclusion in EM: Look Who's Banking Now
While only 63% of adults in emerging markets have a bank account, it is expected that marginal improvements in regulation and penetration in countries like Mexico, India, and Brazil could translate into significant GDP improvements.
Globalization at a Crossroads
Autocratic leaders Xi, Putin and Kim are embracing the strategy of ‘divide and conquer,’ taking advantage of a world increasingly divided, whether it is politics, immigration, commerce or technological advancement.
India's Banking Sector: Moment of Renaissance
We believe that the Indian banking sector is in its last leg of provisioning for large Non-Performing Assets (peak GNPA% of 13% now at 11%) and is going through its ‘moment of renaissance’.
Compelling Opportunities in Emerging Markets
With major risk from trade disputes, rising interest rates and political instability behind us, we believe EM equities are attractive on an absolute and a risk-reward basis
China: Future-Proofing With Restructuring
In 2019, it is likely that determined efforts by China to balance the economy will pave the way for healthier long-term growth. Then, the key question is: to what extent will short-term growth be sacrificed?
China Policy 2019: Stability over Growth
In the current environment of slowing economic growth and President Xi’s cemented security for longer-term leadership, Chinese policymakers are attempting to initiate a two-pronged internal reconstruction to stabilize its economy: nation-wide deleveraging and supply-side reform.
Vietnamese Consumer Market: Driving Growth
A range of positive societal and economic features have cemented Vietnam’s clout as the second largest retail market in the region, with a further room for upside with a competent rate of e-commerce penetration
One Vietnam Summit, Many Vested Interests
The second summit between President Trump and Kim Jong-un of North Korea ended abruptly. What does this mean for Trump, Kim and other stakeholders?
India Geopolitical and Market Update
The India market has been one of the under-performing markets in Asia, although investors will likely remain in ‘wait and see’ mode until the election.
What is Thematic Investing?
Jon Maier, CIO at Global X Funds, gives an overview of ‘Thematic Investing’, a forward-looking investment approach which seeks to identify secular shifts that are reshaping traditional paradigms.
Leading Up to the Trump and Kim Summit in Hanoi
What would be the possible implications of the summit, and what would Kim’s visit to Hanoi mean amidst the recent tension between the U.S. and China?
A Pivotal Change in Brazil: Where Are We Now?
Under the PT (Worker’s Party) government ruling for 14 years, Brazil saw a growing fiscal deficit, anti-capitalism and free trade policies, and a lack of central bank autonomy, which resulted in negative GDP growth, higher public debt and consequently, an increase in country-risk.
Indian Pharmaceuticals: Bouncing Back
We are optimistic about the Indian market for 2019 on the back of supportive macro-economic variables, strong earnings growth and sticky domestic flows.
2019 India Market Outlook: Earnings Revival Despite Recent Noise
We are optimistic about the Indian market for 2019 on the back of supportive macro-economic variables, strong earnings growth and sticky domestic flows.
2019 EM Outlook: Opportunities Beyond a Tumultuous Year
After a tumultuous 2018, we believe Emerging Market equities provide an attractive risk-reward opportunity in 2019 based on policy stimulus, valuations and growth
The Asian Consumer: Shaping the Future of Global Consumption
There is a set of structural growth factors in Asia’s growing middle class consumers - encompassing population, education and digital penetration, posing a greater potential to be actualized for investors
India Equity Market Update
Despite the recent liquidity scare and currency issue, the medium-long term outlook for India remains very positive amidst global trade tensions
The Restaurant Revolution in Emerging Markets
The Increasing middle class in emerging markets, coupled with growing health awareness and technology adoption poses new investment…
2018 Emerging Markets Mid-Year Outlook: A Multi-Year Recovery
Emerging market (EM) equities are in the midst of a multi-year recovery and the recent volatility is an opportunity to increase our positions in high…
India: Great Expectations
India, with its favorable demographics, growing domestic consumption and economic reforms, is continuing to create exciting investment opportunities for long-term investors.
India: Great Expectations Infographic
India’s dynamic emerging economy is equipped with favorable demographics and supported by growing domestic consumption and various structural reforms.
Vietnam: Tail of The Dragon Infographic
Vietnam bears a unique potential amplified by multiple catalysts encompassing outstanding GDP growth and a positive macro environment
A-share Inclusion Update
MSCI China A-Share inclusion is a boost to China’s internationalization agenda and the inclusion factor should increase over time.
The Rise of Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the hottest buzzwords in the tech world today and for good reason – it is a revolutionary breakthrough in technology that will ultimately affect most, if not all...
Vietnam: Tail of the Dragon
Vietnam excites us as the country is coming into its own through reform, market liberalization, an embrace of free trade, favorable demographics, consumer and business optimism, and predictable...
Issue VII – Green Shoots for ESG in Asia
Asia is narrowing the ESG gap and may receive greater attention from the global ESG investment movement going forward.
Kim Jong-Un Surfaces Q&A
The North Korean leader has in recent months engaged in a flurry of diplomatic activity, challenging global political assumptions.
Indian Passenger Vehicles to Accelerate
Indian automobiles have reached an inflection point with key drivers such as economic growth, premiumization and increased safety standards.
Q&A: US-China Trade
What effect do tariffs have on the bilateral US-China trade relationship?
Consumption Growth: Investing in Today’s Emerging Markets Infographic
Consumption Growth: Investing in Today’s Emerging Markets
Rising numbers of consumers in emerging markets are set to transform the global economic....
Emerging Market Growth via the Mobile Revolution
The mobile revolution blooming in Emerging Markets is contributing to economic growth, impacting consumer habits and the corporate landscape...
Potential New Emerging Markets on the Block
Argentina, Saudi Arabia and Romania’s inclusion in EM index will lead to increased foreign investment and capital appreciation
North Korea Under the Radar Infographic
A Tale of Three Histories, Complex Relationship with China, North Korea’s Economic Resilience, Geopolitics and Game Theory
The Multi-Decade Asian Consumer
We believe the Asian consumer is the most important opportunity in Asia.
2018 Emerging Markets Outlook Infographic
Global recovery amid extension of Chinese growth, start of a new CAPEX cycle, and US Federal Reserve Tightening
2018 Emerging Markets Outlook
Next Leg of the Recovery
2018 India Market Outlook
The Indian Economy, Debt Market, and Equity Market
2018 Emerging Markets Outlook
Next Leg of the Recovery
The Future of Finance in Asia
Rahul Chadha, CIO of Mirae Asset Global Investments (Hong Kong), speaks at the "Investors Panel: Of Unicorns and Unicorpses" at the Finance Disrupted
A New Era of Indian Fixed Income (4Q 2017)
A New Era of Indian Fixed Income
Issue VI – North Korea Under the Radar
Issue VI – North Korea Under the Radar
Asia's Clout in Global Biosimilars
Asia's Clout in Global Biosimilars
New China: Impact of the Chinese Consumer Revisited
New China continues to rapidly advance in the economy.
Asia’s New Middle Class Consumer
The “sweet spot” of consumption resides in the upward mobility of the Asian middle class.
Issue V – In With the New Consumers
Issue V – In With the New
Compelling Opportunities in Emerging Markets
Emerging market equities are delivering strong returns this year, extending their 2016 recovery
Issue III - The Chinese Property Market
Issue III - The Chinese Property Market
Issue IV – Asian Equities: Different This Time?
Issue IV – Asian Equities: Different This Time?
Issue II - China’s Debt Profile
Upon closer inspection, investor concerns over China’s debt may be misplaced.
MSCI A-Shares Inclusion
MSCI’s Inclusion of China A-shares marks a milestone in the global equity markets
Issue I: Asia in the Age of Protectionism
How vulnerable is the region to protectionism and nationalist policies?
2017 Emerging Markets Mid-Year Update
The synchronous global cyclical recovery is supportive for key emerging markets
Case for an Unconstrained Bond Portfolio
An unconstrained approach allows flexible risk allocation in dynamic market conditions
Case for an Unconstrained Bond Portfolio Infographic
An emerging market bias in fixed income investing may offer attractive risk-reward opportunities
Eastern and Central Europe: Beyond Political Headlines
Select European countries and sectors within the region offer growth opportunities at attractive valuations.
The Next Big Thing(June 2017)
Big data is an increasingly important competitive advantage for technology players
The Soft Data-Hard Data Conundrum(May 2017)
Market sentiment and economic data do not always move in sync with one another
Korean Discount Brands: Another Aldi is Born(May 2017)
The discounter model is taking form in Korea and transforming food retail & distribution
Affordable Housing in India
If executed well, the “Housing for All by 2022” scheme is a big opportunity as a multiplier effect that traverses sectors
Reasons to be Positive on Emerging Markets(May 2017)
Improved macro fundamentals and positive readings are favorable for emerging markets
A Tale of Two State-Owned Enterprises(Apr 2017)
Smart policy and company management can help improve business results as exemplified in Korea and India.
Managing Indian Equities(Apr 2017)
Opportunities and lessons from managing Indian equity investments for a decade
Pollution and Clean Energy in Asia Infographic(Mar 2017)
Asia’s clean energy investments surge in the face of worsening pollution
Emerging Markets in a U.S. Growth Environment(Mar 2017)
Emerging markets have become more resilient to external shocks
India: Teflon-coated Economy? (Mar 2017)
India’s rebound following the novel demonetization drive may signal a turning point for politics
China – The Tightrope Walk(Feb 2017)
China must walk a fine line between stability and growth amid protectionist rhetoric in the years ahead
2017 Emerging Markets Outlook
Rebalancing Growth: For investors 2016 was a year of hope, while 2017 will be a year of delivery
Asian Lifestyle Infographic(Jan 2017)
Asians are living in a world of experiences with hierarchy of needs tracing well-being and having fun categories
FinTech: Reshaping Finance in Asia(Dec 2016)
FinTech: Reshaping the Future of Finance and Technology within the Asia region
Mirae Asset Brazil Macro Strategy(Dec 2016)
Q&A with Andre Pimentel, Director of Investments in Mirae Asset Global Investments (Brazil)
Autonomous & Electric Vehicles
Smartphones on Wheels. The dawn of electric vehicles and autonomous driving raises questions for the Asian auto sector.
It’s not about Trump(Nov 2016)
Rising dissatisfaction of the status-quo is not isolated and involves positives and negatives
Autonomous & Electric Vehicles: Smartphones on Wheels
Autonomous & Electric Vehicles: Smartphones on Wheels
Brazil’s Comeback(Nov 2016)
Brazil’s Comeback
Mirae Asset Global Fixed Income Strategy(Oct 2016)
Q&A with Joon Hyuk Heo, Head of Global Fixed Income Investments
India Great Expectations(Oct 2016)
India provides many reasons for investors to be bullish with exciting opportunities
The Southeast's Glowing Archipelago Infographic(Oct 2016)
The Southeast's Glowing Archipelago(Oct 2016)
Demographics Support Wealth Creation in India (Sept 2016)
Q&A with Neelesh Surana (CIO – Equity) of Mirae Asset Global Investments (India)
Asian Technology Leapfrogging(Sept 2016)
The region is leapfrogging in technology adoption and activation
Emerging Markets Insight(2016 Q3)
Emerging Markets Insight(2016 Q3)
India GST Bill Passed
The goods and services tax in India will be a positive boost to growth
India: An Exciting Consumption Story in Asia
Indian consumers are forming one of the most fascinating growth stories in Asia, with low penetration of branded consumer goods and rising incomes creating an exciting business and investment opportunity.
India: An Exciting Consumption Story in Asia(July 2016)
Indian consumers are forming one of the most fascinating growth stories in Asia
China's Third-Party Payment Market(July 2016)
China’s payment market is expected to surge as retailers leverage organic traffic and data.
India Great Expectations Infographic(July 2016)
India has the potential to become the world’s most dynamic emerging economy.
2016 Emerging Markets Mid-Year Update(July 2016)
Two-Speed Growth in Asia and Emerging Markets.
Mexico: A Range of Opportunities
Mexico has become an attractive country for investors thanks to reform efforts.
Latin America: Active Investing Opportunities
Latin American economies are making a comeback in emerging market equities.
Brexit – thoughts on Asia and portfolio implication(June 2016)
Here we present our view of Brexit’s impact on Asian economies.
India Infrastructure Q&A (2016 Q2)
Joao Cesar answers questions surrounding India's current infrastructure.
Asia Education Infographic(June 2016)
Millions of students in Asia are embarking on the path of higher education.
Indian Infrastructure Infographic(June 2016)
Infrastructure projects in India serve as robust economic multipliers
MSCI A-share Inclusion(June 2016)
China A-share inclusion delay's impact is limited and the long-term roadmap remains
Strategist Report Focusing on China(June 2016)
Strategist Report Focusing on China
New China E-Commerce Infographic(June 2016)
The e-commerce boom is one of the biggest changes to China’s consumer econonmy
New China Travel & Tourism Infographic(June 2016)
As Chinese become wealthier, travel is expected to boost service-based demand
Global Great Consumer Fund Q&A(May 2016)
Ryan Coyle discusses consumption trends in emerging markets
Emerging Markets Insight(2016 Q2)
Indian Manufacturing - Riding the Good Wave
Where to Invest in Korea Amid Rising Deflation Risks(Apr 2016)
Investment opportunities still remain in Korea despite rising deflationary risks
New China: Impact of the Chinese Consumer(Apr 2016)
China's economy is moving to both a robust, New China and a lagging, Old China
New China The Chinese Consumer Infographic(Apr 2016)
The New China is focused on a growing middle class and strong consumer spending
Where to Invest in Korea - Deflationary Risks
Korea’s economy looks set to experience further deflationary pressures, prompting some investors to worry that investment opportunities in the country have dried up.
Asia’s Pension Gap(Apr 2016)
Asian populations are confronted with challenges for retirement financing
Factory Production to Innovation Generation(Mar 2016)
A manufacturing powerhouse, Korea has now embraced innovation for the 21st century
Korea's Transformation Infographic(Mar 2016)
South Korea is currently a country at a crossroads despite continuous innovation
The Automation Industry in China(Mar 2016)
The Automation Industry in China, a structural change that will play out for years to come
The 2016-17 India Budget(Mar 2016)
A move in the right direction, focusing on adherence to fiscal discipline, reviving rural India, and corrective measures
The Automation Industry in China
China's industrial automation is bringing structural change that we believe will continue to play out for many years to come.
Oil – Fueling Growth in the Emerging Markets(Jan 2016)
Lower oil prices are a positive catalyst for select emerging markets, like India and China
Emerging Markets Insight(2016 Q1)
Indian Advertising - Madmen Invade India; Huge growth opportunities in advertising and communication in India
2016 Emerging Markets Outlook(Jan 2016)
In 2016, emerging markets and their growth prospects are in a state of transition
China Short Circuit(Jan 2016)
The China market slump was exacerbated by the new circuit breaker mechanism, driven by retail sentiment
Why India(Dec 2015)
With forecasts of positive growth, India is beginning to stand out from the crowd
Asia’s Long-Term Prospects Remain Bright(Nov 2015)
China’s market may wobble but structural trends across Asia remain strong
Emerging Market Equities
High-quality emerging market companies merit consideration from long-term investors
Emerging Market Equities(Dec 2015)
High-quality emerging market companies merit consideration from long-term investors
Asian Financials: A Tough Operating Environment(Nov 2015)
As Asian economies slow, measures are being placed to stimulate consumption
Emerging Markets Insight(2015 Q4)
Star Startups in China and India. Some people say there are 7 new firms every minute in China, and India may not be far behind.
How to Make Money in the China Healthcare Space(Oct 2015)
Opportunities to capitalize on China's healthcare space are steadily growing
China Embraces O2O (Online to Offline) - Connecting Services to the Masses(Sept 2015)
China Embraces O2O, connecting services to the masses
Emerging Markets Insight(2015 Q3)
Sports: More than just an expensive hobby? Soccer teams are new toys for the Chinese super rich.
Renminbi Devaluation(May 2015)
The People’s Bank of China weakened its daily fixing for CNY, with implications for China and the rest of Asia
Asia: The Next Level of Consumption(Mar 2015)
There’s more to the Asian consumer than just shopping says Joohee An
The New Chinese Consumer(Mar 2015)
Chinese consumers are becoming more informed about products’ value propositions
2015 Emerging Markets Mid-Year Update(May 2015)
Our Chief Investment Officers review 2015 mid-year key EM events & trends
The New Chinese Consumer(Apr 2015)
A new wave of Chinese consumers are becoming more affluent as they demand more from retailers
Asian Capital Markets(Apr 2015)
Low penetration of financial assets in underowned Asian markets
Growth in a Higher Gear(Apr 2015)
Asia continues to remain the growth engine of the world economy
Good Demographics in Asia(Apr 2015)
Good Demographics in Asia
Unleveraged Asian Consumer(Apr 2015)
Consumer are moving up Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to self-actualization
Improving Governance in Asia(Apr 2015)
The region benefits from structural reforms and an improving business climate
Focus On: Healthcare(Apr 2015)
Focus On: Healthcare
Quality Local Brands at Reasonable Valuations(Mar 2015)
Q&A with Rahul Chadha, co-CIO, on our research team's plan to investing in Asia
The Brand of Chinese Luxury(Mar 2015)
Chinese firms may now begin investing in brand equity despite past trends
Chinese Outbound Tourist Drivers(Mar 2015)
The “Decade of the Chinese and ASEAN Tourism Boom” is only now beginning
Emerging Markets Insight(2015 Q2)
Chinese Cosmetics - Asian Beauty Secrets Meet High-end Cosmetics
Emerging Markets Insight(2015 Q1)
Jeff Bezos - The mercurial Amazon boss talks about his leadership style and putting the customer before everything else. 
Emerging Markets Insight(2014 Q4)
Smart Car - The Battle for the Internet of Vehicles in China
Emerging Markets Insight(2016 Q4)
Indian classrooms are getting smarter. EdTech companies are rushing to seize the US$5 billion opportunity.
Automation: From Cyclical to Structural (Sept 2014)
Read about the automation shift, iron ore dynamics, and the rise of IT in Asia
Emerging Markets Insight(2014 Q3)
Going GLOCAL - More Global? or More Local?
Emerging Markets Insight(2014 Q2)
Jim Rogers - "I will be putting my money in the areas where the Chinese government is putting its money."
Rise of New Korea(Apr 2014)
Learn about new opportunities arising from Korea, India, and the Mobile space in Asia
Emerging Markets Insight(2014 Q1)
Micro Firms Rock Chinese Film Industry - going through the "Industrial" phase
Chindonesia at a Crossroads(Jan 2014)
Chindonesia (China, India and Indonesia) at a crosswords, with major changes abound
Why Invest in Asia(Dec 2013)
Understand what long-term sustainable fundamental factors are favorable for Asia.
The Great Consumer(June 2013)
How consumption in the emerging markets presents a unique investment opportunity.
Pillars of Consumption Growth in EM(May 2013)
Find out more about what drivers are behind emerging market economies.
7 Reasons to Invest in Emerging Markets(May 2013)
There are seven key reasons to consider the emerging markets.
PM Commentary on North Korea Provocation(Apr 2013)
In this piece we present our commentary on recent North Korean sabre rattling.