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US-China Trade War: Where Does It Lead?

As China and the U.S. face different respective domestic conditions and challenges, their stand-off will be part of unavoidable daily...


Update on US-China Trade Tensions

Although the recent re-escalation of US-China tension is likely to be temporary, markets might pull back somewhat and see higher...


Globalization at a Crossroads

Autocratic leaders Xi, Putin and Kim are embracing the strategy of ‘divide and conquer,’ taking advantage of a world increasingly...


Global X Launches Cloud Computing ETF

Global X ETFs launches Cloud Computing ETF (Nasdaq: CLOU). The fund holds a basket of companies that potentially stand to...


One Vietnam Summit, Many Vested Interests

The second summit between President Trump and Kim Jong-un of North Korea ended abruptly. What does this mean for Trump,...


What is Thematic Investing?

Jon Maier, CIO at Global X Funds, gives an overview of ‘Thematic Investing’, a forward-looking investment approach which seeks to...


Mirae Asset Completes Global X Acquisition

Mirae Asset Global Investments Co., Ltd. today announced that it has completed the acquisition of Global X Management Company, the...


New Fund review: Mirae Asset Healthcare Fund

Mirae Asset India is launching a new sector scheme with a focus on healthcare and allied sectors.


Morningstar - Best large-cap fund: Mirae Asset India Opportunities

Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund wins the Morningstar Fund Award 2018 in Best Large-Cap Equity Fund category; Neelesh Surana, CIO,...


Mirae Asset to set up asset management firm in Vietnam

Mirae Asset to establish asset management firm in Vietnam with Vietnam’s State Capital Investment Corporation (SCIC)